I’ve been prioritizing a lot of self help in my reading recently!

It’s a strange and stressful time and I find that self help books offer the grounding place I need to heal, restore, and learn more about myself in the midst of change.

Two books that really stick out to me in my recent reading are Louise Hay’s “I Can Do It: How to Use Affirmations to Change Your Life” and “Rock My Soul: On Black People and Self Esteem” by bell hooks and after reading these two, I decided to create some specific, powerful affirmations that center on Blackness and healing.

Affirmations are embedded in Black culture. Phrases like “We shall overcome” and “Make a way out of no way” are affirmations I grew up hearing the elders in my family speak, but they are also ones that are generally used by many Black people to affirm healing and divine protection for ourselves. A lot of these affirmations are grounded in the church- recognizing the power of the tongue, as the Proverbs say, but you don’t have to be from the Christian tradition to use affirmations to your benefit.

For my Black community members reading this- please accept this small offering in our struggle to love and heal ourselves in the midst of chaos and violence at this time. I see you and value you.

In general, if you’re interested in trying out these affirmations or using affirmations in general, I would highly recommend Louise Hay’s book…but, here are a few tips to get you started!

(1) Choose a meaningful & beautiful space. I find that working at your altar or standing in front of your mirror are great places to do affirmations, but the truth is: you can do them anywhere! I have often said affirmations while walking home or getting onto a train/bus.

(2) Figure out your methodology. How will you say your affirmations? You can write them in a journal, chant them, sing them, or speak them to yourself. You can also say them over and over in your head if you’re in a public place.

(3) Make use of additional tools. If you’d like to, you can hold a crystal while you speak your affirmations or turn on a song you love. Feel free to be creative and make the space your own!

(4) Choose affirmations that connect with what you are trying to bring into your life. Would you like more money, friends, travel experiences, or a better job? Figure out what you’re trying to manifest in your life and then work on bringing that into your life. Some good beginner affirmations are:

I love myself.

I am a money magnet.

I am safe and protected.

Opportunities continuously come my way.

The only rule with affirmations is making sure that you focus on things you want (I am a money magnet) and not things you don’t want (I don’t have issues with money). Keep your affirmations positive and meaningful. Choose the ones that connect most with you!

Affirmations can be a powerful tool if you allow them to. What are your favorite affirmations?