New Year, New Affirmations


Long time, no write- but I have definitely been staying busy.

2022 has been an exciting, meaningful, WILD year and I am delighted to share that so much good has happened, personally and professionally. I’d love to share some of the highlights with you!

In 2022, I:

  • provided tarot readings to more than 50 clients including in 1:1 appointments and at larger tarot events
  • self published a novel on Kindle Unlimited
  • self published and edited two local zines on Blackness, polyamory, and mental health (you can order them HERE)
  • maintained 3 steady life coaching clients
  • finished writing a second novel that I hope to get published in 2023
  • got a new leadership training position where I help managers to empower themselves and their teams
  • went on over 15 solo dates; even challenging myself to go to a concert for the first time alone
  • finally visited the UK visiting London, Oxford, and Edinburgh with my family
  • performed in 6 stand up comedy shows
  • laughed, loved, enjoyed, and learned so much about myself and what I am capable of

None of these achievements would have happened without the use of affirmations. So, that being said, I would love to share some of my favorite affirmations below. Feel free to use these however you’d like! My personal practice is to say them when I first wake up or in stressful moments. I also highly recommend using affirmations in tandem with a gratitude practice (leaning into gratitude has been research proven to keep us both happy and healthy so it’s huge).

I hope that these affirmations help you in your personal journey! If you’d like to develop a personal practice with affirmations and start to live with more intention now, then feel free to reach out for a coaching appointment.


I am always chosen because I choose myself.

I am beautiful and a joy to be around.

I have the tools to manage my emotions and take care of myself.

I am surrounded by people I can trust.

Good things always happen to me.

Every day, I fall more and more in love with myself.

Relationships are peaceful for me.

I am financially abundant and financially savvy.

I am a healthy person.

I have the tools to live the life I want to live today.

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