Category: Self Love

Affirmations for black lives

I’ve been prioritizing a lot of self help in my reading recently! It’s a strange and stressful time and I find that self help books offer the grounding place I need to heal, restore, and learn more about myself in the midst of change.… Continue Reading “Affirmations for black lives”

Self love chronicles: 1

Here’s what I’ve learned recently: photo shoots are one of the best ways you can show yourself love. And yes…you’ll take some where you can’t stop staring at your stomach or your arms or the way your chin looks bigger than usual and throughout… Continue Reading “Self love chronicles: 1”

Body goals: a meditation on trauma

The plan: rent bikes at Belmont Shore, ride down the trail, breathe in the salt of the ocean, put our coats on when we can no longer stand the wind, pretend we’re children again, forget the responsibility of being grad students, of being women,… Continue Reading “Body goals: a meditation on trauma”