My approach to workshop facilitation in 3 words:


Develop common goals and expectations for each other. Think circles, introvert-friendly introductions, and breaking down power structures.


It’s all about engagement at the end of the day. Engage in the tough conversations. Share what we know and take notes on what we don’t. Crack jokes and dive in!


Integrate what we’ve learned. Create positive, goal oriented action steps. Allow new commitments and realizations to transform you for the better.

Current Workshop Offerings

  • We Journal, We Resist…This workshop helps attendees to develop a meaningful journaling practice for self care and self realization with a focus on those with marginalized identities.
  • Career Coaching Workshops…Interactive trainings on resumes, cover letters, job search strategies, career exploration, and virtual personal branding.
  • Tarot to Change Your Life…What is tarot and how can you use it to empower yourself and gain self awareness? This workshop answers that question and offers some ways you can use tarot to learn more about yourself and your life’s path.
  • Manifestation 101…This workshop is a social justice grounded introduction to manifestation- what it is and practical ways to engage with the concepts behind it. Expect vision boards, goal setting, and positive affirmations.

It is my mission to offer quality workshops and presentations that ENGAGE. I want each attendee to reflect on who they are, where they come from, and what the next best steps are in their personal transformation! Contact me HERE for information about rates and collaboration.


Tiara spoke as a panelist at a workshop that my employer, a media nonprofit, organized. Through the planning process, she was communicative, clear and enthusiastic. She was very thoughtful about the workshop format, not just the content, and even offered journaling prompts that she had developed so we could provide a hands-on activity for our attendees. During the workshop itself, I really appreciated Tiara’s vulnerability and candor (it was a workshop on mental health)–I received great feedback from attendees about her, specifically. Would work with her again in a heartbeat!

Ellie Mejia, Program Support Coordinator at City Bureau Chicago

Tiara’s workshop was very well received amongst our community members that participated. It was a pleasure to bring Tiara’s voice and work to them, and working with Tiara was nothing short of delightful! We look forward to collaborating with Tiara more in the future. 

Kelsey Tortorice, Co Exectutive Director at Inner Sense Healing Arts Chicago

Tiara did an amazing job at presenting for my organization, Ladies of Leadership, at The Ohio State University. Tiara gave a presentation on understanding, discussing, and overcoming issues of mental health as a woman of color at a predominately white institution. As a professional woman of color, Tiara not only delivered a well prepared program, but she also gave the authenticity needed to inspire my organization members to be proactive in managing their mental health.

Tomara Dorsey, Ladies of Leadership President, The Ohio State University

Tiara is a stellar presenter focused on uplifting those around her and developing exciting conversations to inspire others. She has a knack for knowing how to get everyone involved in the discussion and makes sure to give participants lots to think about!

Kathryn Lonczewski, Area Coordinator, Rutgers University- Camden

Tiara gave a great presentation about journaling as a form of resistance and self-care at ACPA 2019 that truly left me feeling refreshed and inspired.

Caroline Wallace, Assistant Director for LGBT Education, University of South Carolina

Tiara’s presentation greatly exceeded my expectations and I hope to organize more event with her in the future.

Student Coordinator, Illinois Tech Railroad Club